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About Me – Darcy Delia. Hip Hop Photographer for Miami, Tampa and Orlando FL

Darcy Delia

About me


My love affair with hip-hop is more than a quarter of a century long. I remember iconic moments. When Tupac came on the scene. He was bouncing around with digital underground.  How much I loved J.T. Money and his track Ho Problems. I know every lyric still to this day.  The first time I heard biggie’s  juicy. The river of tears I shed the days both of them were snatched from the world. Not before they cemented themselves in the hip-hop’s history books of the best that have ever done it.


Why I love hip-hop.


My days have not always been so sunny and I prefer to listen to music I can relate to. If I was pissed I could get in my car and blast Jeezy’s fame or Pacs hit em up. It was and still is my way of blowing off steam. I love and credit hip-hop for closing the racial gaps and bringing everyone into a place where they can understand one another. The world is categorized into two groups of people,  those who get hip-hop and those who just don’t. The others only focus on the negativity but don’t hear the positive. Rappers are modern day poets. If you can’t understand the message it’s  because it was never meant for their ears. Hip-hop does not appeal to the masses. Hip-hop is too honest. Hip-hop artist is as motivated or more than any Dr. or lawyer. They are on 24/7. To get to the top of that game means endless promotion and networking.  


This is why I love hip-hop and always anticipate the next album from Kendrick Lamar and pioneers like JT Money who I am glad to tell you has some new rhymes coming for you. I am stoked to work with the talented artist I can’t help but adore.  Kase 1hunnid and Piccalo and at the top of that list. Jt Money is hard not to adore.

 Model Advocate

Photography is my life. I care very deeply for my subjects. I am a model advocate and have alerted models on who has less than their interest in mind. Our time in the world is about caring for others and loving ourselves as well. I think people don’t do that enough. I put all I have into my photo work because I realize this is the way someone is loving themselves. This is not just a business this is a passion that a business has materialized from. Excellence is always my goal. I provide big city quality work in the convenience of a small town environment.





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