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Darcy’s Pin-up Photography Murder Extravaganza #4


Who knew you could die from a shot to the toe?


I received a comment from a blog reader that scolded me for not writing anything on my blog. I take full responsibility for slacking on my writing, so I vow to try to do better.

Number four of my Halloween photography project this year. Pin-up photography is goofy the more cheese factor, the better. I don’t shoot pin-up in this manner. Why? I think it portrays the subject as unintelligent and only good for sexual use. Before the rotten vegetables start flying through my computer, this is only my opinion. If you have a different take on it, I won’t knock you for it. I shoot my subjects in positions of power. The point of my work is to empower others.

I deviated this time to make light of a serious subject. I have always been someone of the opinion of you take a life for any reason other than the protection of yourself or your family you are an idiot. That is my point in this series.

I make sure to make it as cheesy as possible. The model has not a speck of blood on her after killing someone with a chainsaw is just one example. I found it deliciously mischievous and we all had fun with it. I give you permission to enjoy it as well. If you can’t have a laugh at it, this may be the wrong blog for you. I can point you to a few others that may be more your style. They might not have updated it for two years, but that’s OK.


pin-up photography

pin-up photography

pin-up photography

pin-up photography

pin-up photography

pin-up photography

Pin-up photography



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