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A Hip-Hop Photographers Photos With JT Money In Tampa Florida

Who Dat Who Dat?

Hip-Hop Photographer Tampa Florida


JT Money That’s Who!

I have been a lover of hip-hop my whole life. This has been the coolest new year ever. I grew up in Gainesville florida and didn’t quite graduate but was set to walk in 1996 ¬†from my delinquent high school. I never took math seriously and that walk never materialized. That’s ok I have done just fine in life. The world is my classroom.


Colin and I got in the car and headed to tampa. We had plans to spend the weekend with Desloc Piccalo and his crew. His good friend happens to be J.T. Money. Piccalo and myself met a few weeks before when I shot with him and another Hip-hop artist Kase 1hunnid. We hit it off quite well and Piccalo has been amazing. Desloc Piccalo is one of the most creative people I know. He is a dope musician and also a hell of a visual artist.

As soon as I got out of the car the heel breaks off my shoe. I’m thinking oh great I’m one shoe down. I hobble into the club where My boys are performing and at the door the bouncer looks at me questionably doubting I am really with the headliners. Piccalo comes around to the door and I am allowed entry with my camera.I head over to where everyone is standing and JT Money is among them I say like an idiot I have lost one of my shoes and he said he would give me one of his. I might have taken him up on it except my wonderful husband dug around in the truck and found a pair that didn’t match but they did the job. Then I got to work

I was able to shoot some amazing shots

Hip-Hop Photographer tampa florida

Hip-Hop Photographer Tampa florida

hip-hop Photographer Tampa florida

Hiphop Photographer Tampa Florida

Hip-Hop Photographer Tampa Florida

Hip-Hop Photographer Tampa florida

This was Just Day One I will continue with my part Two in my next blog



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