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I Am Passionate About My Dance Photography

Ballet Photography

Every Photo Is An Experience

I am passionate about my dance photography because I love my dancers. Call me a bit sentimental and I will be completely fine with that because I am. Taking someone’s pictures means you have to be in close proximity to them. This means that of course you’re going to have experiences together. I have never had a shoot that was not fun for both parties. This is a byproduct of loving what you do. People feed off of your energy and they tend to really have a good time. Today I am going to talk about some of the experiences with the photos I have shot.

This is Kate. She is a ballet dancer. If you are familiar with my work then you know I have a knack for ballet photography. She has been a dancer for twenty-eight years and I could watch her all day. The grace and the passion that has gone into her craft make for some of the most beautiful images I have ever shot. We met about 2 years ago she is one of the first models that I have had the pleasure of working with. Plus she has been with me almost my whole career and that means she was with me even when I sucked. Kate is not what you would think the traditional ballerina would be like. She is very down-to-earth none of that Prissy primadonna traits are in her.

Passion about my dance Photography Kate in a pose you would expect of a dancer

I am passionate about my dance photography Here is a very different image that would surprise you a bit.

We shot these sets on christmas eve. We have decided to make a tradition of it. I am doing a show in February and I am only showing my dance work. I was contacted because one of their curators found me on IG and was drawn to my dance photography. The day started off a bit rocky because it was christmas eve and we both are a bit challenged when it comes to following schedules during stressful times. We originally only had an hour to shoot but as we started it was difficult to end such a great shoot and we went way over schedule. It is a testament to  our love and devotion to creating together.

I am passionate about my dance photography Beautiful traditional dance shot

Hip-Hop Meets Ballet Photography Ok I know you must be thinking this is not a ballet looking shot at all. Kate and I are both proud gun owners and I thought it would be fun to show a different part of kate’s personality.

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