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My Shoot With Hip-Hop Artist BillionBerg


Hip-hop Photography Miami Florida I had the pleasure of working with this talented hip-hop artist Billionberg a few days ago.


Hip-hop Photography Miami Florida I found him to be a true artist in his thinking as well as his craft. We share a lot of the same philosophy about our work.
The first being that to be an artist is to live on a different plane of life. The payment is not always rewarding. It is who you are and you in your own head perfection is elusive.



Hip-hop Photography Miami Florida The next thing we discussed is how most want all the rewards with none of the struggle but I assure you the struggle is real. To climb to the top of your craft in photography is difficult but to do as well as he has it is the equivalent of making mountains. Miami is a no easy place to make a name. Your competition is fierce and I mean that in more ways than one.


Hip-hop Photography Miami Florida If you want to be loved because you are an artist I would advise against it because that reason is not enough to throw all you have into the arts or music.


Hip-hop Photography Miami Florida I assure you the love of the craft is why he makes music and why I make pictures. I can’t speak for him but I rarely find the kind of love people are looking for. We have both found a satisfaction in getting to do what we love and I suppose that is how you find success.

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