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They are No Angels



I saw this commercial today and I thought wow what a wonderful commercial. The fact that Lane Bryant took a risk to show how sexy and beautiful big girls are. I thought good for them and yes those girls are sexy. I am very interested in showcasing this group of women that are finally getting their place in the spotlight.They are no angels and do not want to be, they are big beautiful women. Claim your sexy girls. Check it out and throw me a line or two to let me know your views.


Verified Bad Girl

“I am a verified bad girl and IDGAF.’

Bad girls blog

I am gonna give you the skinny on a few things I have not ever disclosed.  Does this have negative connotations in the world? Well maybe, but this is a definition I think that is correct.

Definition of a Bad Girl

To every man and woman who doesn’t know,
The true meaning of a bad girl,
I’m here to let you know all about it.
A bad girl is the best thing that could ever happen,
To a bad boy. A bad girl defies the world around her,
And plays only by her rules.
A bad girl is an independent female, Who can depend on no one but herself.

A bad girl is one who knows what she wants, And knows how to get it. A bad girl is never part of the in crowd, But always has her own crowd.

A bad girl gives respect,
So therefore she gets just that in return.
But if not, she can and will kick your ass. And that’s the true, full blown reason,
Why I’m a bad girl, and I’m a stay bad,
And I’m bad for life.

Source: Urban Dictionary

I received an education, but not in the traditional sense. I received my life skills in gentleman clubs.

People have an idea that women who dance are easy and sleazy. Let me assure you that is not accurate. Men have more of a chance of picking up a girl at a regular bar than a strip club. There is always girls that break the rules but you can’t paint everyone with the same brush.

The reason I am willing to share it is because I am not ashamed of it.

Did guys try to get meet later sure. You know how I handled? I hustled them out of their cash and left them sitting at waffle house waiting for a girl who would never show. Does that sound like a women being exploited I think not. If he thinks I owe him cheap sex because of a few hundred bucks he deserves the lesson. I handed it out often.

I got quite a galore of lessons. I also left the industry with a good self image. It has been since 2007 that education ended. I learned skills that I will carry with me forever.

The strip club is the epitome of reality. You learn how fucked up some people can be, but I learned how kind people can be as well. I met a lot of lonely people who are just seeking someone who will understand. You see girls who are completely screwed and you see girls that have the goal of just one more semester of law school and after that, the bar exam. The financial means allowed her to not take out school loans and to accomplish what most can not.

I met my husband at a club and we carried on a two-year friendship before we wound up together. He respects me as an individual and as his wife. I have been told in the past that I would ruin my life, but that has not turned out to be so.

I think those bars gave me the balls to take risks that are worth taking. To trust my gut, and most of all taught me who I am. Now, no matter what static I hear from others, it doesn’t matter. I know how to center and get back to the place I need to be.

I learned to not take shit from anyone. I make my decisions strategically. I learned that lesson from those bars. I am intuitive but also incredibly cynical. I have learned that is a valuable skill no matter what circle you run in.

How those years taught me skills in my work.

I would not be anywhere close to the posing expert I am today. My modeling is directly correlated as well. I understand This may be a view that you have never considered, but I assure you it is the experience both of us lived through.

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