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Model Photographer Gives Tips For Seeking Out Models

Tips on locating the perfect model As a model photographer seeking out talent, the first thing I look for is confidence.

Tip when choosing a model After confidence, I make sure he or she is easy to work with.

Tips on locating the perfect model I ask for a skype and it is an interview in a sense. I want to see how the model carries herself. I also like to make sure we get on well together.

Tips on how to locate the perfect model This model is going to represent my skill and my business and I am careful how they are chosen.

How to locate the perfect model I may want to see a few of their poses. t Most of all I want to get an idea on how she will do on the studio floor. I feel like this is better than just judging edited photos from their portfolio. I also ask them to remove their makeup. A lot of my models travel and it’s a good idea to know if the model is a good fit beforehand.

Tips on locating the perfect model As a model, it is a good idea to make sure the photographer is going to represent you well also. I am a model and I choose to shoot myself. If I did not have that option I would make sure that I shot with someone that had the skill and the ethics to represent me in the best way possible. photographers the best way to locate models is on facebook model groups. I am a member of several.

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