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What’s The Point Of That Picture? 4

point of that picture               picture

What’s The Point Of That Picture…

Making pictures, I get to rub elbows with all kinds of people. Variety is the flavor of life and I intend to enjoy a bit of everything. This image is of Kelsey she is a love. Her eyes are of the blue that is striking. She is a stunner. 

As a photographer, it is my job to create an environment that is conducive for good work. What do I mean by this? My responsibility is to create a place the models feel comfortable opening up. When we started something was off. I had not done my part. People are not always going to come in and be ready to perform.

As soon as I put a gun in her hand everything came together. The result was immediate. I am a gun enthusiast and am fiercely protective of my 2nd amendment rights. You will see this many times over in my portfolio. The representation is about my feelings about guns and women. I love photographing women and kelsey with a gun in her hand is in direct contrast to her. I believe it will get the attention of the viewer and get you thinking. 

The portrait photography process is like a puzzle. Each piece has a place. The equipment, light and technical side is just the beginning. There is another side, the direction. I have found very little material on this subject. I have learned piecing together what I find here and there.  It can take a bit to find a groove but when you do the results are well worth the effort.

Now how can this help you? Do you want to make people feel more comfortable in your presence? I will add a list that I believe will work for anyone.

  1. I ask questions, I like to know about their interest and what their comfort levels are.
  2. Don’t be pushy or expect anything when first meeting someone.
  3. Take things slowly
  4. Read body language and be patient 
  5.  Be a friend it cost nothing to be respectful 

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer.  

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