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What’s The Point Of That Picture? No.2

what's the point of the picture

I Got In A Fight…

I shot this series of images after seeing a photographer use Dry Ice. I felt the situation was Dangerous. I said as much,  The photographer said she knew what she was doing and would not burn anyone. She was not aware of the Gas that is emitted. CO2 gas is a property of dry ice. To make a long story short it drew out with her fan base over a few days. In the end, I made a statement to the effect of “take you and your kids to your garage and turn on your car and sit there because essentially it’s the same thing.” Fog creates the same effect without putting anyone’s life at risk. 

It’s uncalled for to use anything dangerous.  I love my models and never want to put them in harm’s way. I had an Idea to have Sushii stab herself as a Voodoo doll. I call the set Self-Destruction. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  what's the point

what's the point of the picture


what's the point of the picture  


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